05. Diversification

It is tempting to diversify the farm’s products and activities. Done successfully, this provides greater economic security and often more satisfaction. But we must be careful to find an optimum (we cannot do everything, nor do everything very well) and not to go too fast. Each new activity generates constraints (e.g. materials, regulations, time management, etc.) and investments, and requires skills. Frequent swapping is a source of fatigue and stress. So it is better to diversify gradually and introduce a new activity only when the previous one is mastered.

On a very small area, it is particularly attractive to process one’s products, creating added value. Orchard fruits, processed, can see their value multiplied by a factor of 10 or more.

Direct sales are obviously prioritised whenever possible (e.g. community-supported vegetable boxes, on-farm sales, markets).

A microfarm, because of the low level of investment it requires, is conducive to a multi-job lifestyle. A cultivated area of 400 m2 will provide work a few days a week and will leave time available to practice another profession.

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