Welcome to Climate Repair

Our Climate Repair group investigates three questions related to climate breakdown:

  • What solutions are being pursued locally to us, nationally and worldwide?
  • How may we help personally or communally?
  • Who can help us to help?

We publish WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON and what we find.


The draft strategy is out for public consultation, so have a look and maybe respond via the survey.
In addition, we are collecting a group response. We have a copy of the draft strategy to which you can add comments. In it you can also read other people’s comments and add suggestions.


If you have a question, a suggestion or information, please go to our Comments page to explain what interests you.

Members of Reading U3A can phone the group’s Convenor. You can get the number from the Climate Repair calendar entry for the 2nd Monday of each month, in any Reading U3A newsletter and calendar, or from a committee member.

Sub-groups may also team up for special interests and purposes, such as visits, discussions or reviews.

If you might like to be a U3A member, go to https://www.readingu3a.org.uk/join-us/ and proceed from there.