04. Relationship to time

A natural farming approach does not see time in the same way as industrial agriculture. It does not take a short-term view, rather a medium- and long-term one. It does not seek to maximise profit year on year, but to create an agroecosystem that will become increasingly fertile, diverse, resilient and productive over time. As a result, the grower will not necessarily seek to correct one imbalance (e.g. a pest), to avoid generating another one by a rebound effect, and will often prefer to let balance re-establish naturally (e.g. appearance of the pest’s predator).

However, one must ensure short-term economic viability in order to get through the difficult early years, and plan accordingly to add elements that are only “profitable” in the long term (planting fruit trees and hedges, digging ponds, etc.) according to the available finance. Market garden crops, likely to generate income from the first year, will therefore be planted as a priority.

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