02. The grower

This method was born from long observation of the relationship between man and nature in different civilisations, especially among native peoples. It is a world view more than a set of technical choices. One perceives oneself as part of nature and connected to all that constitutes it. One does not want to control nature, but to assist the life forces at work in the biosphere for billions of years. The grower knows that plants grow themselves: a plant’s entire life history is contained in the seed. One simply seeks to promote this development through work.

We try to make the best use of natural elements: sun, rainwater, nitrogen and atmospheric carbon, mineral elements of the mother rock, etc. We seek to take advantage of functions fulfilled naturally and free of charge by ecosystems (ecosystem services): natural allies [pollinators, etc.], a supply of organic matter, provision of minerals by trees, etc., rather than by manipulating nature and then having to compensate with extra inputs or work. Thus we try to create an oasis of fertile and sustainable life, to produce quality food locally, and more: beauty, reconnection to nature, social bonds. The grower thus participates in the healing of the planet, contributing to the viability of the world.

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